BRIAN LACKEY PHOTOGRAPHY: Blog en-us (C)2022 BRIAN LACKEY PHOTOGRAPHY (BRIAN LACKEY PHOTOGRAPHY) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:55:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:55:00 GMT BRIAN LACKEY PHOTOGRAPHY: Blog 91 120 Fall Family Portraits I have never been busier this time of season. The colors are changing and clients want holiday cards with updated portraits or a family photo to just update one that is outdated. I could not be in a better place to shoot outdoors. Natural light is best for portraits. With the right amount of flash, you can shoot in broad daylight without much hassle. One shortfall can be the suns bright light causing squinting even when the subject is looking the opposite way. Moving into a shaded area can certainly help with this issue. While fall is short lived, I do 


still have some openings available. Once the leaves drop and air get cold, it will be time to think about next year. Contact me for an appointment.

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New Product I talk with a lot of clients who like my work but maybe don't have wall space for a print or a room that compliments a print. Some ask if I have coasters or some other small product that allows them to have their favorite image printed. My canvas dealer has metal prints with magnets that are about the size of a credit card. Contact me if you are interested in some other products.

Magnet Metal PrintMagnet Image

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Photo Kickstart 2014 Last Sunday, I completed my 4th photo class aimed at teaching people who buy a DSLR to replace their point and shoot but still use the green mode (auto). It is fun to see the mystery vaporize as the light goes on as to how this all works. The motive is to move them into the Av or Tv mode (Canon).  Depth of Field is an ahhh moment. I was asked the question once, "How do you get the background blurry? Do you do that in a program in post"? I explain it in this class.

To find out when the next class is, contact me here.

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Classes For awhile now I have had people ask me how their camera works and what settings they should use or that they got a camera and have not clue how to use it.  I had an overwhelming request for me to teach a class on basic use of SLR cameras.  Well, I have decided to embark on that endeavor.  Starting in late January I will be offering a class.  Depending on the response, I may offer them often.  This is a basic class that describes how to use the camera outside the green setting.  When I started using an SLR, I too was freaked out with those "other" settings. It wasn't until I started experimenting with them that I realized they were not that scary at all. Learning about lenses was a big eye opener.  See the the difference an entry lens can do and an intermediate or even a pro lens was amazing.  My new year in 2014 will be to show others how to make great pictures using the camera they own.

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The Mayor of Old Town I had received a message via Facebook awhile back form Steve Jones of Pateros Creek Brewing that The Mayor of Old Town was requesting beer pictures for their new bar. I sent in a couple of shots and within a few days I got an email from someone at the bar asking if we could meet.  Between the time I got the email and the meeting, I sent a few more.


On the day of the meeting, I added on yet a few more pictures but put them on my iPad prior to heading to the meeting.

Camera+ recipe?
? crop: Freeform
? effect: Ansel
? border: Thick Black


 The images were all printed out on 8-1/2"x11" sheets of copy paper and laying out on a table. Kevin and Barb (owners) were picking the shots that seemed to fit best and then we figured the best crop for the frames. 

The Mayor of Old Town is interesting in that not only do they serve 100 beers on tap, they have the appropriate glass to serve those 100 beers. The images they chose really fit there atmosphere. The prints they picked were eclectic in nature as many different glasses in those pictures were different.

The Mayor of Old Town had an invitation only opening on Thursday, July 14th.  


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Friday Showing SATURDAY, JULY 2, 2011 AT 1:53PM

Yesterday was my first public showing of my work.  I picked several shots that were of varying genres to show my broad shooting tastes.  I had a great time and met up with some old friends I had not seen in over 15 years.  The turn out a big.  The event is all month at Equinox Brewing in Old Town Fort Collins, CO. Equinox allows any local artist to showcase their work for one month, free of charge.  If you have not been down to see it, please do. All the work is printed on large canvas.   

Equinox Brewing, 133 Remington St, Fort Collins CO. 

I also do a lot of photo shoots for them as well and you can see some of that at their website at

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Mormon Row WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2011 AT 9:27PM

I had an opportunity to go to Jackson Hole, WY this week.  Jackson Hole is known for the Teton National Park and its skiing. Of the three times I have been there, I have not skied. But there is something else it is known for and that is the popular Mormon Row barns. They are located in such a place that the backdrop is awe-inspiring. The Tetons tower over the old barns on a clear day. Even though I have never seen the Tetons AND the barns at the same time, I have seen some fantastic shots by other photographers.


Yesterday, I woke up at 5:15 and headed out to Mormon Row in hopes of capturing the venerated barns just before sunrise with the Grand Tetons behind them.  After all, the weather called out for just a few clouds in the morning and plenty of sun. I got to Kelly, which is a little town just south of Mormon Row, when I started hitting major snow drifting on the road.  Mind you, this is my third attempt at shooting the barns at sunrise. The last time, I got to the road that led to the barns but I needed snow shoes to hike in the half mile it took to get there. I decided to drive through the drifts hoping it was only a few drifts.  Several hundred yards up the road my car started to high centering on them.  First chance I got to turn around, I did. As I headed back to Jackson with my disappointment for the third time, I passed a snow plow that was headed for Mormon Row so I followed it.  The wind was blowing and the temperature was a nice -7 with a windchill of -20 deg farenheit.

Ditch Crossing

I came up to a ditch with a pipe support crossing it.  This was the only way across without going back to the road to cross. By this time, my Sorrels were starting to fail keeping my feet warm.  My toes felt like ice cubes.  The wind was beating the backs of my legs and the snow pants were not keeping all the cold and wind out.

It was now 7:25 and the sunrise was at 7:30 so I had 5 minutes to get to my location. I tried to pick up the pace but cutting your own trail is difficult to say the least.  Seemed every ten steps I would step in a hole and had to pull myself back up.  I could finally see the first barn ahead and was scouting out where to setup my tripod.  I was not in a great location and it was either get what I could of the magic hour that was left or fail all together.  I stopped and setup up my tripod at rattled off a few shots. Previously, to be ready for this morning, I had put my 17-40 lens on thinking the wide angle landscape shot was the ticket.  Since I lost time in getting to my parking spot and also starting my trek in the wrong spot I had set myself back a good half hour. Seeing that I was still too far way to use the 17-40 lens, I had to switch to my 70-200 lens.  With the wind blowing and the windchill at -20, going gloveless was something I had to do quickly. Not to mention the cold on my eyes was taking a toll on my face. I changed lenses and started recomposing my shots.

Ice laden eye lashes

By now my toes are numb and my eye lashes are coated with ice. I decided to start wrapping it up and head back to the car and call it a day. I was tired and my legs were turning to jelly.  I had a straight shot to the road and it seemed quite close.  This portion of the field seemed to have snow holes every three steps which made it very frustrating for me and my tired legs.  I fell forward so many times that at one point I just laid there to rest. I bent one of my poles trying to get back up.

I passed up a great shot of a lonely tree only because I was worried about frost bitten toes as I could not feel them anymore.  I just wanted to get back to the main road and in a warm car.  Once I made it to the road I thought I was home. I started walking south and when I got to where I thought my car was, I realized it was quite a bit farther.  I walked over a quarter mile with snowshoes in hand.  My feet did warm up finally and I was feeling better about my situation.

While walking down the road, I turned around and saw the clouds open up and three of the tall peaks were glaring down at me. Again, I was to tired and cold to stop and setup for a shot.

I made it to my car finally.  I got warmed up and prepared to take a few shots from my car window.  The problem was that the metal lens and camera body were so cold that I could not hold it for more than about ten seconds without freezing my hands.

Well, for the third time, I did not get the shot I wanted.  Maybe there will be a fourth time.


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Fall Colors Shoot I was able to go on a trip into the the Rocky Mountains in Colorado in late September with nature photographer Randy Van Winkle.  The trek was mapped out over Independence Pass, up to Maroon Bells, Capitol Peak, McClure Pass, and Cottonwood Pass. The three day excursion had plenty of photographic opportunities. Our first evening shoot was sunrise at Capitol Peak. What a sight that was with the redness of the setting sun sun. The wake up call at 4AM was quite early. This sunrise shot required elbowing our way in between other photographers at Maroon Bells. After dawn broke we headed out of the Aspen area toward McClure Pass. This portion of our weekend took us to Marble. The ride up Crystal River was quite bumpy and steep but well worth the time to see the Crystal Mill.  Nothing was secret there with a dozen other people shooting and crawling around.  We did run into some cliff jumpers and a guy riding a bike from Montreal Canada to Argentina South America. He had rode through Fort Collins in weeks prior. The weekend ended on Cottonwood Pass and through Leadville. You can see my shots here.

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Equinox Brewing Beer Garden I had the opportunity to photograph Equinox's Beer Garden grand opening.  Live music by Jester Jay.  Jason Goldman is the guitarist and bass player.  Very talented local musician.  You can find him at .

Jason is also part of Liquid Poets home brewers

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Oh No! Thursday, I was shooting a time lapse sequence for work.  It was a the second day into the 4 day shoot when I heard the words "I s#$%!.  I just knocked over the camera".  I walked over to see what happened and there was my 5D and the 17-40 lens laying on the ground.  The lens hood popped off and outer lens ring was laying next to the lens.  The red O-ring was around the focus ring as was the threaded spacer ring.  The camera had the obvious dings and scratches.  When I checked it all out, the camera was staying on even in the off position.  

Once I reassembled everything, I set the camera back on the tripod and began shooting again. It still shoots fine but I have to remove the battery to get it to turn off. I shot through today and then took it into Mike's Camera in Boulder.  The good news is, I will know what the issue is in 3 days, the bad news is, it is a 3 week repair time frame.  OUCH.  I will now pull out the old Rebel XTi to carry me through the repair process.


While at Mike's Camera, I did get the Cokin graduated neutral density filter system.  I have never used an ND filter.  We'll see how it goes.  I hope to learn a few things from Randy Van Winkle

The only other ND filter I am thinking I might want is a full ND filter.  Stay tuned for more photos coming.

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Equinox Brewing Opening Equinox Brewing is a new brewery in Fort Collins, CO that opened its doors April 30th.  It was a great opportunity to take photos of the newly remodeled building done by Kyle Eddy (Green CHEK Solutions on Facebook).  The photo shoot went great. Some shots will be used in June's issue of Lydia's Style Magazine. One more photo shoot is scheduled for later in May.  Once done, the shots will be used on their web site.

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